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Year 2017|Vol. 20|Issue 1|106 pg.
The usefulness of the business model disclosure for investors’ judgements in financial entities. A European study. | (1) Alessandro Mechelli, (1) Riccardo Ciminia, (2)Francesca Mazzocchetti
Relationships between communication apprehension, ambiguity tolerance and learning styles in accounting students | (1) José Luis Arquero; (2) Carmen Fernández-Polvillo, (3) Trevor Hassall, (3) John Joyce
Exploring auditors’ stereotypes: the perspective of undergraduate students | (1) Begoña Navallas; (2) Cristina del Campo; (3) María-del-Mar Camacho-Miñano
The corporate social responsibility from the perception of human capital. A case study | (1) Alejandra López Salazar; (2) José Felipe Ojeda Hidalgo; (1) Martha Ríos Manríquez
Better informed students: Better academic performance | (1) María-del-Pilar Sánchez-Martín; (2) David Pascual-Ezama; (3) María Luisa Delgado-Jalón
Position practices of the present-day CFO: A reflection on historic roles at Guinness, 1920–1945 | (1) Carmen Martínez Franco; (2) Orla Feeney; (2) Martin Quinn; (3) Martin R.W. Hiebl
Determinants of the continuity in the voluntary demand for external auditing services: Evidence for the case of Spain | Estefanía Palazuelos Cobo, Javier Montoya del Corte y Ángel Herrero Crespo
The effect of locus of control in the relationship between budgetary participation and performance: An experimental study |
Influence of contingency factors in the development of the BSC and its association with better performance. The case of Spanish companies | (1)(2) Luis Pérez Granero; (2)(3); Manuel Guillén; (1)(2) Alexis J. Bañón-Gomis
An empirical evaluation of profitability prediction methods and their relation with corporate characteristics | Juan Monterrey Mayoral∗ y Amparo Sánchez Segura

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