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You can find on this page information about the Revista de Contabilidad - Spanish Accounting Review and, in particular, about the contents of all its issues since it appeared in 1997.

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Year 2017|Vol. 20|Issue 2|235 pg.
Earnings management and European Regulation 1606/2002: Evidence from non-financial Portuguese companies listed in Euronext | (1) Agostinho Pereira, (2)Maria do Céu Gaspar Alves
Is it worth it to consider videogames in accounting education? A comparison of a simulation and a videogame in attributes, motivation and learning outcomes | (1) Jordi Carenys, (2) Soledad Moya, (3) Jordi Perramon
Determinants of corporate lobbying intensity in the lease standard-setting process | (1) Lucia Mellado, (2) Laura Parte
The role of the monastic accounting throughout history in the Christian world. A review | (1) Lorenzo Maté Sadornil, (2) M. Begoña Prieto Moreno, (3) Alicia Santidrián Arroyo
The stakeholder engagement in Spanish hotels’ sustainability reports | (1) María Jesús Bonilla-Priego, (2) Patricia María Benítez-Hernández
Development and validation of a measuring instrument of the quality audit service | (1) Laura Sierra García, (2) Manuel Orta Pérez, (3) Francisco Javier Moreno García
Determinants of the efficiency in Spanish foundations | (1) José Solana, (2) Nieves Ibáez, (3) Bernardino Benito
Taxes as determinants of corporate investment: Empirical evidence in Spanish private firms | (1) Juan Monterrey Mayoral, (2) Amparo Sánchez Segura
Implementation of a cooperative methodology for calculating costs of local public services | (1) Ander Ibarloza Arrizabalagaa, (2) Agustin Erkizia Olaizolab, (3) Eduardo Malles Fernándezb
Real estate industry takeover bid patterns: Spain, a case study | (1) Julio González-Arias, (2) Raquel Arguedas-Sanz, (3) Rodrigo Martín-García
Erratum to «Determinants of the continuity in the voluntary demand for external auditing services: Evidence for the case of Spain» [Revista de Contabilidad – Spanish Accounting Review 20 (1) (2017) 63-72] | (1) Estefanía Palazuelos Cobo, (2) Javier Montoya del Corte, (3) Ángel Herrero Crespo

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